FREE* and SUPPORTLESS Furniture for Medieval House Scenery Terrain by Iconic Miniature suitable for D&D or Warhammer

Free and Supportless 3D printable furniture by Iconic Minis suitable for Dungeons and Dragons DnD D&D Warhammer or other table top games main pic

All the furniture was tested on resin printer with water-washable resin and with 2 sec. exposure per layer! Feedback from FDM printing will be highly appreciated!

In the archive file you will find the following furniture STL files which are *FREE for personal use only:


Small round table – two parts – (1) feet and (2) upper / top part

Big rectangular table – two parts – (1) feet and (2) upper / top part

Simple round stool – two parts – (1) legs and (2) upper / top part

Fireplace – oven

Firewood set of three

Rack with cooking or fireplace utensils




Chair (can be used for the ground floor too)

Chest – two parts – lid and body (the body is hollow)

You can download after

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