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And through the Hell gate / Demonic Portal flies the first evil creature! Meet the Gnaw Demon. With its razor sharp teeth and impaling nails this creeper looks dangerous! And having into account its ability to fly and hover over, for sure it will be a challenge!

The idea behind this 3D printable model was one of the Dungeons and Dragons minifigure for the 4th edition – the Gnaw Demon. Probably unpopular, but I still possess the funny looking mini. Which depicts the monster sitting on the ground with its hands put on the full belly and smiling. Just one tongue licking the lips was missing, but the grinding smile was enough.

So bringing up these old memories I made a decision to sculpt this Iconic mini and started. It was quite a challenge to find some info about the demon, to sculpt it and to put it flying in the air. But the final result is satisfactory!

My first milestone was to recreate the monstrosity and the wickedness of the Gnaw Demon, so I bet on making its posture dramatic. After all the miniature has to unleash its power after passing through the portal. That is why the posture of the model was created to represent an instant and vicious attack upon the unprepared victims! And I think that it is quite successful!

Gnaw Demon Dungeons and Dragons Warhammer Frostgrave Bloodfields Pathfinder by Front view only

And having this in mind I made the face of the mini looking hungry for human flesh and blood! Small eyes full with hatred; frown face and wrinkles on the forehead; wide opened mouth full with razor sharp teeth; some pointy horns for impaling. Sounds scary – right?!

The next thing was the body. I wanted to show the depravity of the Gnaw Demon, so I made it look fat with flesh hanging from different place of the body (as if it was overfed), but at the same time I desired the model to show its infernal strength with some big and outlined muscles and pointy nails on the fat fingers stretched forward to catch its prey!

The above also applies for the feet, which look gruesome with only two fingers on each leg. But they are quite muscular and fat at the same time. Disgusting, right?

And the next feature of this 3D printable model are the wings. In fact they are one of my favourite element of the Gnaw Demon (beside the face) since it took me quite a lot of time to make them look infernal – with its curved hooks, pointy edges and tattered flesh. Hope you like them too 🙂

And finally comes the tail. I wanted to make it short and tiny (since the model is set around the small size), but I did not have transparent resin to cast a pillar in order to set this Iconic mini in the air, so I used the tail for contact with the ground and reworked it. The final outcome for the tail was – bigger, stronger, longer, with a sharp end that can be used to pierce through its victims 🙂

Gnaw Demon Dungeons and Dragons Warhammer Frostgrave Bloodfields Pathfinder by BACK view only

And finally (Wow! Used it twice) come the bases. since the Gnaw Demon can be spawned in different locations through the Hellgate / Demonic Portal, and thus the miniature can be used in many scenes, I decided for this specific model to make four different bases.

The first one is the standard city one. It has some scattered pavement stones, one sewers grate and lots of dirt around all. Looks simple, but it is effective to represent the chaotic demonic presence in the city landscape! So if you need to use the Iconic Mini in any town or village encounter – this base is your perfect choice!

The second one is a brand new wood planks base. As the name suggest there will be timber boards nailed to the ground. However, for this particular base some of the planks are broken and set in the air flying… because the Gnaw Demon has struck them with its tail – just to show its strength! Suitable for any inside encounters or demon attacks on the Docks!

The third base is a dirty pathway in the forest. Here I have used a hollow three stump with some mushrooms around to simulate the forest environment. Plus have added some rocks around the road to make the impression of an old and dirty pathway. This base can be used in either forest encounters or road ambushes!

And finally my favourite new base – the Hell / Inferno / Lava Base! Here you can see skulls (which represent the tormented souls of humanoids) that flow in a river of lava surrounded with some black rocks depicting the harsh environment in Hell / demon world.

Gnaw Demon Bases - Skulls Hell Inferno Lava - Pavement Sewers Grate - Broken Wood Planks - Dirty Road by Dungeons and Dragons Warhammer Pathfinder Frostgrave Bloodfields

The great things about this base are the emotions of the skulls. I tried to make it more touching, so each skull has its own expression. Some angry, some shocked, some sad and some indifferent.

For sure this base is quite useful in any situations when the Gnaw Demon passes into our world (since the creature is bearing the demonic spirit with it) or if you battle the monster in its native plane – the Hell / Demonic world!

And that is pretty much about the model! Hope you like it and enjoy your play with it!

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Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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