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Not every quest begins in a tavern. Great adventures also start from a quest board or any other such type of boards! Plus you can earn some EXP or money from errant posted on the village or city notice/request board. So in order to have some scenery that will help the beginning of your campaign or mission, I have decided to make one humble board.

So I present you with my latest work – the Quest, Notice or Request Board!

Quest Notice Request Board by Iconic Minis

The new board!

This 3D printable model is quite big and suitable to be put on the town square so that everyone can see what is posted on it! The board got everything you will need and some more!

The overall design is in simple medieval-fantasy style where timber logs and wooden planks are used to make the frame and the roof tiles. But the main attraction are the messages, notices, decrees and whatever you might want to be on that board. I have put four different such items to simulate workability of the model, so here you will find a wanted poster (which is not nailed, but knifed to the board), one decrees (having the insignia of the Raven Guards) and two old messages or notices that obviously stand there may be forever?!

Quest Notice Request Board by Iconic Minis Notices messages Decrees

The notices on the board!

Also there are view nails that stand empty, which can suggest that some work was already done and these notices were removed. Plus I have added a hammer so that everyone can use it to nail down his message, poster or whatever he/she might need to nail on the board. Quite simple, but good idea to have one, which by the way can be used by your adventurers in case they are short of weapons 🙂

Quest Notice Request Board by Iconic Minis Side Hammer

The hammer.

The quest board offers some more details. One of them is the lantern that hangs on a steel chain next to the messages. The idea is to have some light source that can be useful when you visit the notice board during the night. The lantern is close enough to shed some light, but away enough not to stand in the way.

Quest Notice Request Board by Iconic Minis Lantern

The lantern.

Also I have added one small bell. The initial idea was to have some source of sound which can be used to inform everyone that there is a new addition to the board. But later I though that the bell also can be used to inform the submitter that you have completed the quest 🙂

Quest Notice Request Board by Iconic Minis Small Bell

The small bell.

And finally comes the base. Usually for the moment I have created only a pavement base, but hope in the near time to add one cobblestone and one mud bases.

Quest Notice Request Board by Iconic Minis Pavement Base

The pavement base.

And this is pretty much about this 3D printable scenery of a Quest, Notice or Request Board. Hope you like it as I do and see you soon on my next work!

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You can download for FREE for personal use only the Quest, Notice or Request Board from HERE

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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