Larissa Gra`x Jumping Pose With a Raven Cloak

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Hello, everyone! For a long time I was thinking to make a 3D printable minifigure in a jumping pose, but it was H*ll to make it airborne, so after several unsuccessful attempts finally I have managed to overcome the challenges and to present you with Larissa Gra`x in a Jumping/Landing Pose with two different cloak options!

Larissa Gra`x Jumping/Landing Pose by Iconic Minis Inside Pic
Raven Feathers Cloak 1 of Larissa Gra`x by Iconic Minis

The overall design of Larissa s model is not changed much. Just the pose and some minor tweaks. This time the 3D printable minifigure of the Commander of the Raven Guard is representing jumping and landing over her enemies with a deadly precision Larissa. However, I switched the swords to make the model looks more threatening and cool. Hope you like it.

The face is still the same overconfident one, as well as the armour – no changes here.

The most notable difference is the cloak. As mentioned above the pose is jumping/landing one, so I had different concepts to make this Iconic Mini to look as if it is in the air (especially using translucent pillar), but finally I chose to use the model`s cloak. However, it was quite short in length, so I made it bigger. But this time it looked mundane, so after some research and experiments I created one covered with Raven Feathers. And again I stumbled upon my next challenge – to choose one version. The first one looked mundane, but with some tweaks started to look quite cool. The second design was great, but the feathers might not be accepted by all. And since both versions probably would have been used in different situation in any D&D or Warhammer games, I decided to make the model with two options – one with a a standard mundane cloak, and a second 3D printable minifigure with Raven Feather Cloak. Hope you like both versions!

Mundane Cloak 1 of Larissa Gra`x by Iconic Minis

Mundane Cloak 2 of Larissa Gra`x by Iconic Minis

The mundane version is well done with all these curves and shows quite well the landing movement of the Commander of the Raven Guards. And this option could be mainly used in situation where no special powers are necessary or used.

The Raven Feathered Cloak looks great and is very much different from the first version. However, it might be a little overcovered with feathers and unusual, so it might be used in situations where magic prevails. Or when the minifigure should look powerful 🙂

Raven Feathers Cloak 1 of Larissa Gra`x by Iconic Minis 2
Raven Feathers Cloak 1 of Larissa Gra`x by Iconic Minis 3

Hope you enjoy my work as much as I do!

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You can download for FREE the *.zip archive with the STL flies for this unique 3D printable minifigure from HERE.

Please have in mind that these files were tested only on resin 3D printer!

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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