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Hello everyone! After making several heroes, I decided that it is time to create much more scary and intimidating enemy than the Ghast. So I choose to sculpt one very familiar to everyone iconic creature. And without any further ado, I present you with the Greater Basilisk!

Greater Basilisc Main Pose by Iconic Minis 2

For sure the Basilisk itself has evolved and changed in sizes during the time when it was first introduced to the table-top games, so after researching it a bit, I choose to make a Greater Basilisk version. Why? Well, it is large in scale and I wanted to have one large creature in my collection. And the best thing about it – the petrifying gaze. But also I wanted to have some more space to work since this creature is longer, stronger and for sure can look cool in different frightful poses.

So today I will present you with the Greater Basilisk in two poses and this means that you will get TWO different minifigures!

Greater Basilisc Main Pose by Iconic Minis
Gaze and Bite pose Greater Basilisk by Iconic Minis

The first pose is recreating the walking Greater Basilisk ready to petrify its victims with its gaze of stone or to bite them. That is why it has opened mouth showing strong jaws and razor-sharp teeth. And since the size is large, this creatures looks quite cool and terrifying at the same time on the table next to other minifigures. This pose was inspired from all the traditional pictures and drawings of this Iconic monster. Usually it is depicted as a slowly moving mountain of muscles and teeth that is confident in its capabilities to defeat even the toughest enemy and eat it later for a snack!

Gaze and Bite pose Greater Basilisk by Iconic Minis 3
Gaze and Bite pose Greater Basilisk by Iconic Minis 5

The second pose is something that I decided to experiment with. Since it is well known that the standard attacks of the Basilisk are petrifying gaze and bite, I found some information the Greater Basilisk uses claw attack. So I decided to add this pose too – a claw slash attack. And since this is large in size creature, I put the back part of the body to stay at the base and to be used as a support, and the front part was raised in the air towering every medium size enemy and showing the massive and masculine torso and legs that are ready to slash with their claws every unfortunate victim just seconds before it is petrified and later eaten by the hungry Greater Basilisk.

And the more important thing here is that the bit and the claw attacks are poisonous. Just to rise the stakes 🙂

Greater Basilisc Main Pose by Iconic Minis
Greater Basilisk Side view by iconic minis 5

And this is almost pretty much about the Greater Basilisk. I understand that some of you might have expected a snake version, but for the moment I decided to make 8-legged monster. But if you prefer snake-like Greater Basilisk, just let me know, so that I can put it in my schedule.

Hope you like my new Iconic 3D printable minifigures!

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You can download for FREE the *.zip archive with the STL flies for this unique 3D printable minifigure of the Greater Basilisk from HERE.

Please have in mind that these files were tested only on resin 3D printer!

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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