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Meet the Enforcer! Her name is Frida Thunderlaud and she is the left hand of the Commander of the Raven Guard. She is directly responsible for the security and to keep the peace within the city walls. And that is the reason to have the title “the Enforcer”!

However, many troublemakers have given her the nickname “the Shock Trooper” since she uses lightning and thunder to subdue her enemies and set peace in the city.

The idea behind the face of this 3D printable minifigure was to recreate Frida`s emotion when doing her job. In fact it is not good to see her in this mood, since this means that you have become her target ๐Ÿ™‚

The Thunder Face of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Thunder face of Frida the Enforcer!

The second thing about this model is the hair. In contrast to the other two main figures of the Raven Guards, her is not tied in a pony tail. It is left free. I tried to show her temperament through the hair, as well as to simulate her fast movement and thunderous behaviourโ€ฆ seconds before she hits her target with the lightning hammer and put it unconscious.

Naughty Hair of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis
Other of the hair of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Naughty hair in all aspects!

In fact the pose of this Iconic Minifigure is showing Frida`s determination to set peace very fast and without objections from the troublemakers, as well as the upcoming thunder that is falling upon the unlucky culprit. For that reason the Enforcer is well equipped and protected.

battle pose of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Unique attacking pose of Frida!

The main protection is provided by her armour. It is a complex mix of plates and strips that show off her strong body, but at the same time secure her from any harm. Plus depicting her main theme – the lightning and thunder.

body armour of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis front
lack of back armour of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

The body armour front (metal plates) and back (Is there any armour there at all?!).

Frida`s body armour is quite scarce and shows a lot of her forms and curves, but still it has good protection capabilities. The front part consists of metal plates tied to the neck via leather strips and a metal neck guard. Plus they are fixed on the back to the Raven Guard`s insignia. Which might be hard to see because of the loose hair ๐Ÿ™‚ However, it seems that there is no much amour on the back, isn`t?

shoulder guard of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Shoulder guard in Warhammer style.

The next part of the protective gear of Frida are the shoulder guards. They are big, sturdy and threatening. Something that is expected for a person who fights crime and secures peace within the city. The guards also have lightning elements inlaid on them and for sure show off the might of the Enforcer! Definitely nobody wants Frida to hit him with a shoulder ๐Ÿ™‚

The same can be said about the hands of this 3D printable model. This Iconic minifigure has heavy metal gauntlets that cover almost all of the forearms and as expected have on them the themed elements – lightnings. However, it is very painful to be hit by her fistโ€ฆ thing that some troublemakers have personally felt.

thunder bracelet of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Thunder inlaid bracelets.

The waist of the model is scarce of garment and shows her feminine side, but have some pants, a belt and leather strips used to fix the leggings of the model. Plus this 3D printable minifigure got metal buckles on the back to tie on handcuffs (not included on the model). However, in this pose the buckles serve to show off her tight buttock and again simulate the movement of the minifigure.

belt 1 of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis
belt 2 leather stripes of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis
back belt with places for handcuffs of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Some good pictures of the belt and the waist

And since we are taking a look from top to toe, the final part of the clothes of this 3D printable model are the leggings and the boots.

The first one are tied to the belt with leather strips and stay quite well on the female body of Frida. Plus they too have some metal parts on the top for a better visualization of the model.

Leggings of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconc Minis

The leggings might look like lingerie or stockings, but they are not! They are there for extra protection ๐Ÿ™‚

Bellow the leggings are the knee cap guards. As expected from this iconic minifigure they cover the knee entirely and are big enough to be used as weapons. In fact many culprits have received a kick under the belt from the angry Frida, but only to cool things down ๐Ÿ™‚ The knee guards also have some lightning elements to fit in the overall theme of the model. Also they are fixed to the leg guards via leather strips and metal buckles. The latter provide complete protection to the feet and in unison to the main theme they also have some stylized thunders on them.

The boots of the minifigure are standard knight heavy metal footwear with high heelsโ€ฆ just to highlight the feminine side of Frida and to make her look more beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ But the overall vision of all the guards on the feet of the model simulate the stability and the power of the Enforcer.

Leg Guards 1 of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis
Thunder sign of Leg Guards of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Mighty protection for the legs!

And finally comes the hammer. Since Frida`s main aim is to neutralize troublemakers, she have a weapon that deals bludgeoning damage that can put her target unconscious and later in jail, instead in the graveyard. However, enemies of Frida know that she can use the hammer with a deadly precision and lethal effect if necessary! Moreover the hammer can cause lightning damage too which is very inconvenient for anyone stupid enough to break the rules inside the city. That is why the hammer is a heavy two-handed one with inlaid of thunders. Also to underline its specialty and to be in line with Frida`s theme, the weapon has on each side a stylized hammer and lightning.

Battle Two Handed Hammer of Frida Thunderlaud by Iconic Minis

Very detailed thunder hammer and my personal favourite item in the minifigure!

And in the end, I have to point out that I put as much details I could on this unique 3D printable minifigure and strongly hope that you will like it as much as I do!

And that is pretty much about the model! Hope you like and enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

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You can download for FREE the *.zip archive with the STL flies for this unique 3D printable minifigure of Frida Thunderlaud – the Enforcer from HERE.

Please have in mind that these files were tested only on resin 3D printer!

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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