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Hello everyone! This is my first dwarf fighter minifigure!

The idea behind this 3D printable model is to create a first level dwarf male fighter (in case of usage in Dungeons and Dragons session) or a basic model for Warhammer unit. So the hero should look standard to some extend. That is why the minifigure has a normal scale armour with some metal shoulder guards.

Dwarven Scale Armour by Iconic Minis

Dwarven Scale Armour

Metal Shoulder Guards of the Dwarven Scale Armour by Iconic Minis

The metal shoulder guards of the Scale Armour feature the dwarven head insignia

Also the 3D printable model features a helmet, which is forged in a typical dwarven style that fits perfectly to the overall design of the minifigure. Of course it is in synchrony with the main insignia theme – the dwarven head!

In addition the hero is equipped with a dwarven battle axe and wooden shield.

Master work Battle Axe by Iconic Minis

Masterwork Battle Axe with many details and some damages due to Orc skull crushing

Simple Dwarven Shield by Iconic Minis

Simple Dwarven Shield that provides basic protection and yet has the dwarven head insignia

Also the minifigure features have a small leather pouch or bag (you decide how you will call it) which I tried to make it looks more in a dwarven style. Also the whole model have so many small and interesting details, that make the 3D printable minifigure a good acquisition. For sure if painted, the whole model will looks incredible! May be I can try to do this and post more pics?!

Dwarven Leather pouch bag by iconic minis

All the stitches makes this regular looking leather pouch/bag more dwarven style

I am working on a modification of this dwarf to feature a hammer and a different shield with the same insignia (dwarven head) and will make a new *.zip archive file, so check for new posts on the web site 🙂

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You can download the *.zip archive of FREE STL flies for this 3D printable dwarven fighter from HERE.

Please have in mind that these files were tested only on resin 3D printer!

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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