UPDATED! Hungry Ghast / Ghoul + 3 new bases!

UPDATED! Hungry Ghast / Ghoul + 3 new bases! post thumbnail image

And here we go with my latest free 3D model – the hungry ghast or if you prefer – a ghoul! Probably you know this type of creatures from Dungeons and Dragons (DnD / D&D) table-top game or from Warhammer universe, but today I will show you my abomination. Plus at the end part you will see the new 3 bases that I have created specially for this monster!

The main feature of the monster is the fearsome and hungry-looking head with a very long tongue and blazing eyes!

Hungry Ghast Ghoul Fearsome Face by Iconic Minis

The hunger for a living flesh can be seen quite well 🙂

Next comes the chain with shackles. None of the ghast / ghouls that I saw during my research had such attributes, so I decided to put them on. They can be used by the creature as a special weapon to hit targets at long distance (for example reach +10 ft.) or to restrain victims and drag them with him while they twist in horror in their last attempt to escape gruеsome death… or may be this monstor just managed to get free from someone more powerful than him? You decide!

hungry ghast ghoul chains and shackles by Iconic Minis

And without further ado some other notable things about my 3D printable model – the rugged clothing! I put some torn garments around the ankle of the creature, as well as some more on the wrist and the biceps. Also in order not to have a naked ghast / ghoul, I put some rugged clothing over his waist.

Rugs of the Hungry Ghast Ghoul by Iconic Minis

I wanted to simulate the movement of the hungry ghast / ghoul, so all the torn garments look like the 3D model is moving fast!

Hungry Ghast Ghoul by Iconic Minis

The hands of this 3D printable minifigure are bigger and meaner in order the ghast / ghoul to catch its prey!

3 NEW BASES in Graveyard style!

After showing this unique 3D printable model, now let me introduce you to the three new bases that were specially created for this monster!

1. And without further ado, I show you the first one – the Graveyard Lamp Post!

normal ghast ghoul new bas Lamp Post Graveyard by iconic minis 1

As you can see this new base is absolutely unique! It is wider and bigger compared to the basic one (which is included in the archive file) and feature a lot of interesting things that for sure can make you see and feel the dread spirit of the graveyard!

normal ghast new bas Lamp Post Graveyard by iconic minis 2

On one side there is the lamp post. It was designed to represent an old metal oil lamp sitting on a stone pillar that uses some bricks for a support structure. Everything is tilted in some degree to one side to show how old is everything in this forgotten place (I mean the cemetеry) and at the same time to stay away from the path of the Ghast / Ghoul 🙂

normal ghast ghoul new bas Lamp Post Graveyard by iconic minis 3

On the other side of the base there is a rusty old metal fence… or what is left of it. It is pointy sharp at the tip of each pole and some people might see some resemblance with the insignia of the Stormcast Eternals from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar. This is not intentional, but may quite suit in any Warhammer games 🙂

normal ghast ghoul new bas Lamp Post Graveyard by iconic minis 4

And that is pretty much about the first new base.

2. The second one is much more typical for this place. This is the tombstone graveyard base.

normal ghast ghoul graveyard tombstone and metal fence base 1

And as the name implies it has one small ruined tombstone of a long forgotten dead man and some similar to the Lamp Post base metal fence. The idea here is to make bases that share the same spirit of the iconic minis for which are intended to.

normal ghast ghoul graveyard tombstone and metal fence base 2
normal ghast ghoul graveyard tombstone and metal fence base 3

3. And finally the third base. It is not a special one with many details to admire, but have the necessary graveyard spirit. This is the cemetery pavement base. It is covered by many small stones that outline the dull and lifeless atmosphere of the graveyard. But it can be used as well as a standard city or dark alley base for this model – in case you have some street chase or undead rise in town or village 🙂

normal ghast ghoul graveyard pavement base 1

And that is pretty much about all new bases. I plan to update all the other Ghasts/ Ghouls posts with new bases that will be unique and different from these one, so stay tune for more!

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You can download the *.zip archive of FREE STL flies for this 3D printable hungry ghast / ghoul from HERE.

Please have in mind that these files were tested only on resin 3D printer!

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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