FREE Iconic Hypno Spider 3D printable Miniature suitable for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer and more!

FREE Iconic Hypno Spider 3D printable Miniature suitable for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer and more! post thumbnail image

Today’s free Iconic Mini is a hypno spider. It was created by a patron request into three poses – walking, attacking and hypnotizing. So without further ado, here comes the new unique 3D printable spider! And it is with a large base!

The main design is taken from Peacock Jumping Spider, but altered for 3D printing. So the overall body of the spider is furry with special placement of eyes and legs. Plus the abdomen is quite different from other spiders that are present as 3D figures, but about his you can read in the third pose – the hypno pose.

So let me show you the three poses – one by one.

Walking pose

Each figure has its own walking pose. So this one is no different. Here the idea was to create a figure that can be used in any type of encounter – as spiders being surprised or when the monster is approaching its victims and so on. So this pose is something that is not threatening, but cool. And fore sure can give you the opportunity to have one and the same monster on three different spots with different minifig.

The legs were distributed and positioned like a real life spider. The fangs are hidden and not yet ready to strike and it looks more peaceful rather terrifying 🙂

Also the eyes are just standard – eight of them are looking in every direction, so the monster cannot be surprised.

This pose has its own personal base, which as stated above is a large one.

The base is the classic dirt one, but with some more elements on it. This time it features a rock and a spider web. They fit perfectly for the figure since this time the figure does not include peglegs to be fixed in the base.

Attack pose

For sure making the spider in an attack mode was fun.

I raised two of the front legs to make the pose threatening and also make visible the front fangs. Thus the overall design makes this pose more combat like which I like it very much! Plus the base (which is specially created for this pose) has a skull on it showing the death that the spider can deal!

Hypno Pose

And since the spider is a peacock jumping spider, I watched some videos and read some info about it, so decided to make the spider’s dance as a deadly weapon for it. So when the monster shows its peacock fan, you would better run for cover… or face being charmed 🙂

The pose incorporate all the well known elements of the spider (legs, eyes and so on), but this time the back part is the hypno fan. The colouring is just for visualization purpose and you can paint it in anyway you like, but my idea was to show the colourful and deadly patterns on the back of this creature. That is the reason to have two skulls on the base of this pose, plus some specific rock formation under the spider.

And this concludes the post about my latest free Iconic mini! Hope you enjoy it!

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You can download for FREE for personal use only this Iconic mini from HERE

Happy 3D printing and enjoy your day!

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