Hammer Dwarf

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Hello everyone! This is my next creation – a Hammer Dwarf. It is based on my previous minifigure (you can see the post HERE), but this time the hero has a big and intimidating hammer, a heavy metal shoulder guard, a brand new shield and some new items on his belt… ah! And a fearsome winged helmet!

The first noticeable thing of this 3D printable minifigure is the winged helmet. It is forged to protect the head from all sides. It features a beard face mask with some twisted horn elements over the eyebrows, as well as wings formed in a typical dwarven style.

Hammer Dwarf by Iconic Minis FREE Stl

The helmet is in synchrony with the main insignia theme – the dwarven head!

Next is the shoulder guard. Despite the previous model, this time the hammer dwarf feature a heavy looking metal shoulder guard that can withstand even the hardest blow!

Hammer Dwarf Shoulder Guard by Iconic Minis

This time the model features a heavy metal shoulder guard that gives additional protection to the dwarf.

The hero is equipped with a brand new battle hammer and a heavy shield. All created to fit the overall impression of the model.

DWarven Battle Hammer by Iconic Minis

Big, heavy and intimidating battle hammer! For sure will crush some orcs skulls!

Hammer Dwarf with shield by Iconic Minis

The shield was reworked to make it look more sturdier and heavy.

And finally – some more items on the belt! My previous model got just one leather bag with stitches. This time the dwarf features a pouch and a flask. This can be either healing potion or dwarf ale 🙂

hammer dwarf pouch and flask potion by Iconic Minis

Two more additions to belt inventory – a pouch and a flask/potion/ale bottle.

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You can download the *.zip archive of FREE STL flies for this 3D printable hammer dwarf from HERE.

Please have in mind that these files were tested only on resin 3D printer!

Happy 3D printing and enjoy the game!

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