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Hello everyone! I am continuing with my Demonic army this month. That is why today I will present you my latest evil creature. Meet my Iconic mini of a shadow demon! And since the 5e Monster Manual (MM) only specifies that these monsters are essence that takes a vague physical form of winged humanoid whose lower body trails off into nothing, I decided to break the classic stereotype of the male visage of this creature and to make female model!

Without further ado, here she comes – the Shadow Demon!

Shadow Demon by front and back

As expected and as commented above the upper part of this monster is a humanoid. For my 3D printable model I used a naked female body that vanishes into thin air showing all her beauty! Of course to keep some decency part of her feminine characteristics are covered by a discreet smoke. However, this does not mean that you will see pure human structure. In fact in order to emphasize that this is a demon, I used horns, nails and spikes all over the body to show her infernal origin. That is why the head (although female-like) has horns and spikes protruding from her skull and the hair is a twisted smoke. Plus the hands do not look like a normal mortal ones, but they look like gruesome monstrosity ready to slash you into halves.

Shadow Demon by face version 2

And trying to vanish the female body into thin air, I decided to represent this “thin air” by a twisted shadow or smoke starting bigger from the lower part of the feminine silhouette and goes smaller into the ground. This idea was to recreate the description in the 5e MM of “whose lower body trails off into nothing”, but at the same time to make a stronger connection between the mini figure and the base. And things are quite effective 🙂

Shadow Demon by smoke shadow

Of course since this monster resides in the shadows and according to all the information and pictures that I have amassed, the creature needed to have wings different from ordinary demonic ones. So taking all this into consideration, I made tattered wings with holes all over them and twisted in small but visible shadows.

Shadow Demon by presentation 2-3

And finally comes the bases. This time I have created two different and unique ones for the creature.
The first one is a standard looking one with big stone slabs. Usually represents places with stones – like streets, first floor of a house, forgotten temple or even cemetery! So this base can be useful in many encounter where stone is acceptable!

Shadow Demon by bases big stone slabs inferno hell demonic world

The second base is the must-to-be infernal one. Since this is a demon, I decided to make hellish base that depicts the origin world of this monster. So here you will see some damned souls trying to escape and a stone part with some summoning inscriptions, which however have flaws and let the demon free 🙂

And this is pretty much about this iconic miniature.

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Happy 3D printing and enjoy your day!

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