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When I started to sculpt the Manes demon from the Dungeons and Dragons universe, I thought that although this is a weak demon, it deserves its place in my demonic minifigures. In fact it has one of the weakest Challenge Ratings (CR) = 1/8, but I asked myself a question: “What will happen if a mob of these demons start pummelling down my heroes?” The answer was very clear – a big mess will happen! And an erethic thought just slip by… they even might kill all the adventurers?!?! And as Emirikol the Chaotic has said:

“Have no pity for this damnable wretch. Bloody thing could grow up to be a demon lord one day.”

I thought that may be one of the Manes can grow to a Dretch. And perhaps later advance to a higher level demon 🙂 And finally to a Demon Lord! Who knows? But nevertheless the case my Manes Demons must look awesome! Even if they are killed like flies 🙂

So taking the above into account, I started sculpting my Manes Demon and aiming for a figure to remember, a real demon figure – that shows its evil and brutal side! So this Iconic Mini was designed to have a pale skin; a bloated body with maggots crawling inside and actually fed on the demon; fat and flesh hanging all over the body; glowing eyes filled with hatred towards every living creature; jagged teeth; and of course cruel claws to complimented their feral visage!

And as you can see – this miniature has all the above mentioned feature carefully intertwined into one small size monster!

Manes Demon Dungeons and Dragons Warhammer Pathfinder Frostgrave Bloodfiled by Lava Base Front 1

Since Manes Demons are not intelligent and not quite fast, I decided to make this 3D printable model in a slow-moving attack pose. Not too emotional nor quick, but effective and enough threatening!

However, the face of this creature was the biggest challenge! I watched several pictures of the Manes Demon and read a lot posts and information about them and since this is some moving flesh full with maggots that eat it from inside, I decided to make the face gruesome! Jaw half loose; missing teeth and some razor sharp ones; rotten nose; eaten flesh by the maggots; evil eyes… but enough talk! From the picture bellow you can see the achieved overall feral visage of the face!

Of course I will briefly outline just the specifics of the body of the model. First it has many wounds from the maggots. So it is normal to see flesh drooping and blood dripping out. Also it is bloated and rotten to such a degree that everything is hanging down like a fat dead body! And finally it suits perfectly the Manes Demon as it is described in the D&D Monster Manuals!

The next thing to talk about are the limbs of this 3D printable model.

As expected from a weak and lesser demon, the only armaments are the claws! They fit perfectly on the four fingers of each hand, which hands are sculpted to show the crawling inside maggots, but at the same time to display some demonic strength!

Manes Demon Dungeons and Dragons Warhammer Pathfinder Frostgrave Bloodfiled by Lava Base

The next notable things about the minifigure are the feet. Despite the other demons the legs of the Manes Demons are like big fat rotten chumps! This is outlined in the description in the Monster Manual, plus the low speed of the miniature also suggest sluggish, fat and slow moving limbs. So I made them massive, heavy-looking and slowing down the demon. But nevertheless they are cool with all these small razor sharp nails scattered at the ends of each leg!

And finally comes the base! This time I made just one – a lava base. Some black rocks floating over molten lava suits quite well for the Manes Demons! Plus this base complete well the posture of the creature stepping from one rock to another not very carefully (since it has low intelligence!).

Manes Demon Dungeons and Dragons Warhammer Pathfinder Frostgrave Bloodfiled by only Lava Base

And that is pretty much about this low-level but fearsome demon!

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Happy 3D printing and enjoy your day!

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