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Welcome to ICONIC MINIs! A web site dedicated to my personal work of 3D printable and most importantly FREE STLs files for miniatures, scenery, maps, stat cards and other items suitable for Dungeons and Dragons (DnD, D&D), Warhammer, Pathfinder and other table top games!

The content in ICONIC MINIs is organized in posts. Each post is about a specific iconic minifigure (or minis), a great scenery (one or more items) or an encounter! And all this is accompanied by colourful pics, some FREE maps and stat cards (in the form of PDFs), as well as some more items. These posts will describe in short all my work and how to personalize or customize them, as well will include links to download for FREE the respective STL and/or PDF! So read them carefully and enjoy! From time to time I can even update older posts, so please check the Facebook page for more information about this!

Keep in mind that all my work in ICONIC MINIs`s web site is FREE for your own personal use ONLY! No monetization allowed! Changes, amendments, duplications and/or any other such actions and/or modifications and/or unauthorized distribution are forbidden! For commercial and/or monetization purpose and/or for merchants, please respect my intellectual property rights and contact me!

I wish you happy printing and joyful play!

Feel free to contact me on any questions about my work!